In 01 jauary 2011, the company name was changed to Ammerlaan The Green Innovator by virtue of all the green innovations implemented by the company. 


Ammerlaan introduces on regular basis new species and varieties like Dracaena Cintho and Codiaeum Tamara. In 2009 Tamara was crowned with the Flora Holland Award.


Ammerlaan is leage-leader in introducing new green technics in the horticulture sector. In 1997 Ammerlaan was one of the first ornamental plant nurseries in the Netherlands to carry an Eco-label. To make the company even more sustainable, investments ware made in 2010 into the first geothermal energy source on a ornamental plant nursery in The Netherlands. Ammerlaan not only heats its own premises using geothermal energy, but also those of six other companies. in the surrounding area. 


Thanks to geothermal heating, Ammerlaan is the most sustainable potplant grower in The Netherlands.