In more than 50 years Ammerlaan has grown to become an ornamental nursery with over 4 hectares of modern greenhouses. At the moment about 30 employees are working at Ammerlaan.  


History of Ammerlaan:


  • 1959: founded by the brothers Arie and Leo Ammerlaan and vegetables were cultivated in open field
  • 1961: constructed first greenhouse of 0,1 heactares
  • 1980-1995: switched in small steps from vegetables to 1,6 hectares green ornamental plants
  • 1988: Leon and Menno (sons of Leo) joined company as owner and uncle Arie left company as owner
  • 1999: purchases land with greenhouse of neighbour and cultivation area doubled to 3 hectares 
  • 2000: father Leo left company as owner, but is still working in nursery
  • 2003: purchases land of neighbour
  • 2004: constructed greenhouse of 1,25 hectares and total cultivation area has grown to 4,1 hectares. 
  • 2008: purchases land of neighbour, so in future 1,15 hectares extra greenhouse can be build
  • 2008: cousin Arjan Ammerlaan (head cultivation)) and Dennis Smits (head of sales) become partially owners with Leon and Menno
  • 2010: construction of geothermal energy source and distribution network for heat to third parties.
  • 2011: heat extraction from geothermal well is stopped by government because of gas and oil in geothermal water
  • 2012: installation of installations to seperate gas, oil and geothermal water.
  • 2012: may: restart heat extraction from geothermal well