Geothermal energy

To make the company even more sustainable, investments were made in 2010 into a geothermal energy source, making Ammerlaan the first ornamental plant nursery to use geothermal energy in the Netherlands. Use of geothermal energy is a unique step to cultivating a CO2-neutral plant in a socially responsible fashion. 


Geothermal energy is heat energy that is stored in the earth's crust. The deeper you go, the higher the temperature. The temperature at a depth of ten metres is a constant 10 degrees Celsius and below this depth becomes 3 degrees Celsius hotter every hundrud metres. At a depth of 2,100 metres below Ammerlaan the temperature is around 70 degrees Celsius. 


To access this heat energy, use is made of the water that is stored in sand strata at this depth. Two boreholes have been succesfully drilled. Hot water reaches the surface via well 1 and its heat energy is put to use, while the cooled water is returned via well 2. 


The major advantage of geothermal energy is that it is virtual inexhaustible, as the cooled water is soon reheated to its original temperature. It is also an extremely clean source of energy. No fossil fuels need to be burned and the environment is not subjected to any increase in CO2 emissions. Ammerlaan grows its plants with zero CO2 footprint and is hence highly sustainable.